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SMARTSHORE®, inflatable trench shield developed by PRONAL, is certified in all 50 States Registered

Professional Engineer in accordance with OSHA standard 29 CFR, part 1926, subpart P. It is

approved for a maximum depth of 6.5 feet for the smaller size and 8 feet for the larger size in

soil types A, B and C60. SMARTSHORE® is the perfect solution to secure excavations for quick

maintenance operations on utilities as well as for first responders for trench rescue operations.

SMARTSHORE® advantages

• TOUGH: made of special double wall, rubber coated fabric, hot vulcanized, the SMARTSHORE®

shields are highly resistant to wear, abrasion and punctures.

• FLEXIBLE: depending on the trench conditions, the SMARTSHORE® shields can be placed in vertical

or horizontal position and can easily adapt to uneven surfaces. There are four different lengths of struts


• SAFE: protects against cave-ins or trench collapses allowing personnel to safely exit

the trench in case of an emergency

• EASY & QUICK TO INSTALL: thanks to its light weight, SMARTSHORE® system only requires about

10 minutes to set up. In most cases, only a suitable compressor is required for the installation.

• EASY TO TRANSPORT: foldable and light weight, this system is convenient to transport.

Each SMARTSHORE® panel comes with:

• 1 quick-connect universal coupler

• 1 pressure relief valve

• 6 handling straps

• 8 strut pockets

• 8 tie-downs for struts

Technical data

Part NumberDeflated Dim InchInflated Dim InchRoll Up ØWeightPressure RatingAir VolumeInflation Pressure PSI
11350687 x 5785 x 54 x 58292501412-14
115463105 x 59102 x 57 x 512343001712-14


Inflation hose 13’ with shut-off valve

Venturi vacuum pump to speed up deflation

4 strut sizes:

  • 24" - 36"
  • 32" - 43"
  • 43" - 55"
  • 36" - 60"

Inflatable Safety (Smartshore_article_safetyfirst.pdf, 106 Kb) [Download]