Aeronautical industry

For manufacturers of civil and military helicopters and aircraft, Pronal designs and manufactures flexible tanks made of elastomer reinforced with textile, as structural or auxiliary elements. These components are qualified to MIL and TSO standards.

For airports and airlines, in case of aircraft accidents upon take-off or landing, Pronal can supply appropriate lifting systems for equipment, using pneumatic lifting bags.

For reasons of safety, defueling systems comprised of flexible tanks and a motor-driven pump unit can be deployed at ground level in the vicinity of aircraft, for the transfer of kerosene.

These are short-term solutions, which are easily deployed in case of emergency. All these procedures will allow the rapid clearance of infrastructures in case of incidents on airport runways.

For aircraft constructors and equipment manufacturers, Pronal develops flexible products for the design of production and control equipment. Further tailor-made structural components can be developed and incorporated in response to specific requirements.

Our most recent applications include a propeller floatability system, a windshield wiper membrane for fighter aircraft, an inflatable bag for the adhesive attachment of composite structural components, and inflatable protective gear for a jet engine.

Pronal is certified to ISO standard, 2008 version, and has obtained the following licences from the DGAC (directorate general for civil aviation) for production and maintenance: PART 21 G & PART 145.

For the last 15 years and more, Pronal has designed and produced composite components for the satisfaction of increasingly stringent requirements, in terms of performance and quality. Our composites department works in partnership with clients from the feasibility study stage of a project onwards. The department then issues its recommendations and deploys its technical expertise for the development of an optimum solution for the client, in preparation for the ultimate launch of production of a product which is perfectly adapted to the client’s requirements.

Pronal and its team can also work on the basis of plans and specifications supplied by the client. Our 1,600m2 workshop and our high-tech facilities (autoclave, kiln, paint booth, Lectra cutter, climate-controlled storage zone, etc.) allow us to manufacture a wide range of products.