Over 50 years of experience with the armed forces allow Pronal to deliver solutions which are perfectly adapted to logistical operations involving fuel and drinking water.

Drawing upon Pronal’s unique expertise in the field of flexible elastomer tanks, these devices may be arranged at ground level or buried, positioned at specific locations or secured to trucks, suspended under helicopters or towed behind vehicles. They are perfectly adapted to various means of transport, whether by land, sea or air.

Pronal can also supply a complete fuel supply system and drinking water purification systems. In this specific case, the flexible tank is accompanied by motor-driven pump units, water filtration systems, meters, hoses and hook-on dispenser nozzles.

Our main customers include over 50 countries who use our flexible tanks – these include the Military Fuel Supply Service of the French Army, together with foreign armies in numerous countries and a number of paramilitary administrative services.