Within international offshore markets, Pronal has along & solid experience in the design of customized solutions to increase buoyancy during the installation of 3, 4 or 8 legged jackets and to provide sealing systems for the annulus grouting operations on jackets used in Oil & Gas and Marine Renewable Energy Projects. Pronal is able to offer a packer can which includes the diaphragm for both bottom stability issues and additional buoyancy during jacket installation; the mud wiper which prevents mud entering the annular void before grouting and the grout seal, which can be either a passive or active type, to contain the grout.

Being close to our customers we focus our attention on the ergonomy of our products to ensure they are fit for purpose when working under extreme conditions.

Going deeper & deeper in the marine environment presents new and exciting challenges in future eg. EPRS [Emergency Pipeline Repair Systems) which require stoppers/plugs for pipeline isolation during hyperbaric welding operations and SSU (Subsea Storage Units) for storing different types of fluid on the subsea. Pronal can also provide underwater pipe lifting cushions for freespan correction and jacking operations, buoyancy systems for handling equipment subsea and GRP composite mattresses and protection structures to support and protect flowlines & umbilicals.

Pronal can provide offshore expertise in five main areas: installation of platforms, subsea construction & maintenance, pipeline support & protection, salvage & decommissioning operations and the handling of fluids topside & subsea.