FUEL TANK Hydrocarbon Tank

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Flexible tanks are perfectly adapted to storage requirements for hydrocarbons (crude oil, jet fuel, gasoil or oil). Also described as flexible reservoirs or flexible containers, they are manufactured from a coated fabric assembled by hot vulcanization in an autoclave.

These facilities can be installed at ground level or in a retention basin, and can provide several hundred cubic metres of storage capacity. Their unladen weight and ease of deployment allow the provision of an operational fuel storage facility in just a few hours, regardless of climatic conditions (in high mountains, deserts, etc.).
The flexible tank for hydrocarbons offers numerous benefits, including speed of deployment, a limited unladen footprint, strength and compatibility with the majority of hydrocarbons.

Flexible tanks for hydrocarbons range in capacity from 1m3 to 300m3, with an option for tailor-made manufacture.