HELITANK Heli-transportable tank

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Based upon a detailed analysis of the in-flight behaviour of heli-transportable tanks, Pronal has developed a type of device which combines speed and flexibility of use with remarkable in-flight stability.

With a robustness delivered by its constituent material and by the hot vulcanization production process, the HELITANK heli-transportable tank is designed for the replenishment of forward fuel supply facilities in remotely accessible zones.

Heli-transportable tanks range in capacity from 500 to 4,000 litres, and are compatible with all fuels and liquids, including drinking water.

As the tank is suspended below the helicopter from a single ring, slinging takes a matter of moments. A specific design feature, involving a cruciform arrangement of support straps, secures the tank against rotation and ensures perfect stability in flight.

This product combines all the benefits of a flexible tank: lightness, flexibility, ease of use and robustness.