SEAL DRUM heli-transportable and towable tank (APFC)

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The SEAL DRUM heli-transportable tank is designed for the replenishment of forward fuel supply facilities using aircraft, helicopters and vehicles.

The SEAL DRUM rang of tanks comprises 3 models, of capacities ranging from 200 to 1,900 litres.

The 200-litre model can be carried and released from a helicopter at a height of 12m.
The 1,000- and 1,900-litre models are suitable for slinging and towing on the back of a truck. Two plates arranged on either side of the tank are provided with hooks for attachment to the towbar of a road transport vehicle. Tanks are also provided with lifting lugs for the attachment of helicopter transport slings, together with a self-closing filling/drainage connector.

The heli-transportable SEAL DRUM offers numerous benefits, including speed of deployment, a small unladen footprint, equivalent to just 15% of its filled volume, proven robustness and suitability for all types of hydrocarbons and modes of transport.

This product is manufactured from a high-strength fabric, with an elastomer coating on both sides. The resulting combination is vulcanized in an autoclave.