Water Tank

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Today, the effective management and conservation of water resources is a major economic and environmental issue. PRONAL flexible tanks represent an ideal solution for the straightforward provision of a temporary or long-term water storage facility.

Applications for the PRONAL enclosed flexible tank include on-site water storage, the provision of an extinguishing water reserve, the recovery of rainwater, industrial or agricultural cleaning, the provision of a reserve for drilling water, the supply of ponds or swimming pools, the cleaning of vehicles, irrigation and sprinkling of green spaces, etc..

The flexible reservoir is manufactured from an elastomer or plastomer material, depending upon the application concerned. It provides a reliable, cost-effective, eco-friendly and durable solution. Reservoirs are available in capacities ranging from 1m3 to 1000m3, with an option for tailor-made construction.

The PRONAL reservoir, also described as a water tank, offers numerous benefits. These include speed of deployment, a small unladen footprint in the interests of optimum transport, and a wide range of accessories.