Extinguishing Water Tank

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Over a period of many years, PRONAL has developed flexible tanks which are designed to provide emergency services with an on-site water supply for the protection of the installations of companies in case of fire. This range of products, approved by SDIS (French Departmental Fire & Emergency Services), is compliant with standards in force, and with the inter-ministerial circular of 1951.

Applications for the PRONAL enclosed flexible tank include the protection of isolated sites, the upgrading of industrial sites to meet standards, the extension of existing basins, the protection of residential or commercial developments, etc..

Flexible tanks range in capacity from 1m3 to 1,000m3, with an option for tailor-made production. They are manufactured from a plastomer-coated fabric, assembled by high-frequency welding.

The PRONAL reservoir, also described as a water tank, offers numerous advantages, including a long service life, the absence of requirements for a construction permit, simplicity in terms of civil engineering, and rapid installation.