Drinking Water Tank

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Today, the effective management and conservation of water resources is a major economic and environmental issue. PRONAL flexible tanksrepresent an ideal solution for the straightforward provision of a temporary or long-term water storage facility.

The installation of conventional drinking water systems and infrastructures is a difficult and costly operation for isolated sites or populations. As an option for the fulfilment of storage requirements, the flexible drinking water reservoir allows the recovery of rainwater, provides access to waterduring humanitarian aid missions, or can be used to supply populations in case of the contamination of water tables.

The flexible drinking water reservoir is manufactured from plastomer-coated fabric. It provides a reliable, cost-effective, eco-friendly and durable solution. Flexible reservoirs are available in capacities ranging from 1m3 to 1,000m3, with an option for tailor-made construction.

The main advantages of the PRONAL water tank or reservoir include its speed of deployment, a small unladen footprint, its price, its durability and its certification of compliance with drinking water or food grade water standards. Water is fully protected from external contamination.

Pronal can also supply a full range of accessories for the connection of the reservoir to your installation or a drinking water purification system. In this case, the flexible reservoir is accompanied by motor-driven pump units, water filtration systems, meters, pipes and a distribution manifold.