Pneumatic Actuators

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The range of HP (high-pressure) pneumatic actuators can be used with inflation pressures of up to 7 bar (100 PSI). PRONAL can supply single-stage, two-stage or three-stage actuators with a square or circular profile. Single-stage actuators can also be produced in a rectangular form. PRONAL can also produce tailor-made actuators.

Our HP actuators are provided with an attachment and supply nozzle as standard. Arranged in the centre of one of the two sides, this nozzle may be fitted in a different position on request, subject to technical feasibility.

PRONAL HP actuators offer numerous advantages over conventional jacks, including their limited thickness when deflated, a small footprint, uniform distribution of thrust and ease of adaptation to various types of surfaces. Easy to use and quick to install, these devices require no maintenance.

Our pneumatic actuators are compliant with the European Machines Directive 89/392/EC.

The range of HP pneumatic actuators has been specially designed for the tipping of skips, the lifting and movement of loads, the securing of components with complex shapes, and the immobilization of rollers. Functions include: compression, centering, lifting, clamping, guiding, moving, thrusting and damping.